Chemi World (Pvt) Ltd, Pakistan’s largest Raw Material Company is focused on delivering affordable innovation.

As a fully integrated biopharma company it delivers innovative biopharmaceutical solutions, ranging from discovery to development and commercialization, leveraging the cutting edge science, cost-effective drug development capabilities and global scale manufacturing capacities, to move ideas to market.

The Core competency of chemiworld (Pvt) Ltd innovative chemistry right from conceptualization of final delivery of the product.

We Focus On:

  • Manufacturing Raw Materials / API’s.
  • Research & Development of formulations based on API’s Manufactured.
  • Marketing & Outsourcing finished formulations in Pharmaceuticals.

Having a strong quality conscious associate ISO manufacturing facilities for bulk spread across the demographics of Pakistan, we are efficiently backed up by an a team of excellent technocrats & professionals for development & critical path evaluation of any products we offer.

At chemiworld (pvt)Ltd, we believe in growing together and ensure our esteemed clients and each member of 

our team is a partner in our success.

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