Packaging Division

We at ChemiWorld assume that the quality of the packaging of pharmaceutical products plays a very important role in the quality of such products. Our Quality Assurance department keenly observes the following cGMP parameters for the good quality of our products. The parameters are as follows:

  • We ensure that all our products are protected from all external influences, E.g moisture, light, oxygen and temperature variations and humidity, biological contamination and physical damage.
  • We ensure our products information and identification is accurate on the packaging.
  • We ensure the packaging material used prevents damage to the products from chemical reactions, leaching of packaging materials or absorption and ensures the results of products are met throughout the whole of the intended shelf-life.
  • We ensure ChemiWorld containers protect the packages and its contents from extraneous matter, evaporation of the substance under normal conditions of handling, shipment or storage. Also, from efflorescence and deliquescence. The containers are air tight so they can be opened on several occasions.
  • We ensure all our finished products are identified by labelling, as required by the national legislation, bearing the following information:
  1. The name of the product
  2. The batch number assigned by the manufacturer
  3. The manufacturing and expiry date in an encoded form
  4. Any special storage conditions or handling precautions
  5. The directions for use, and any warnings and precautions
  6. The name and address of the manufacturer or the company or person responsible for placing the product on the market

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