Quality Assurance (QA)

Quality is a relative concept. It is related to certain predetermined characteristics such as shape, dimensions, composition, finish, colour, weight, etc. In simple words, quality is the performance of product as per commitment made by the producer to the consumers. Quality control in the product development process is vital to the final quality of a product. Customer requirements are the foundation of quality control. Product development has to be linked with customers through customer demand and quality characteristics (QCs).

Our team of highly qualified and experienced technical staff, of both chemical and microbial laboratories work with analytical and method development capabilities, supporting our quality control facilities (HPLC, FTIR, SPECTROMETER, STABILITY CHAMBERS, INCUBATORS, AUTOCLAVATION, and MICROBIAL TESTS) in a controlled environment.

We do not just provide numbers or pass or fail, we work to understand the results, and if they do not meet customer’s quality criteria, we can help with troubleshooting to ensure the quality of our product in all aspects and to provide a good quality product to our valuable customers.

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