Production Equipment

Our manufacturing plant is equipped to produce intermediates, fine chemicals and API‘s and has all the facilities required for in house testing and R&D. There are 2 manufacturing units spread over an approximate area of 70,000 Sqft, which manufactures an extensive range of pharmaceutical API’s for the national market.

The products are quality tested at every stage, right from manufacturing to packaging, producing excellence and effectiveness.

Production Equipments
Reaction-Process equipment includes
6 Glass-lined
8 Stainless steel
12 Fiber coated
Distillation-Process equipment includes Batch Glass-lined
Filtra1on-Process equipment includes
1 Press Filter
5 Stainless steel filter
4 PVC filter
Finishing -Process equipment includes
1 spray dryer up to 2000L
2 Tray oven
2 Milling

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