cGMP Guideline

Our manufacturing facilities meet the stringent cGMP norms and several other regulatory authorities, either for routine site inspections or for approved specific products. We are focused on maintaining the highest quality and strictest guidelines for cGMP in everything we do to ensure safety and quality of the API. We meet cGMP guidelines by:

Ensuring all the manufacturing processes and activities at our sites meet the cGMP guidelines.

Implementing and maintaining effective training, tough controls of processes throughout all the procedures.

Regularly auditing the manufacturing plant by the regulatory authorities.

Performing quality control checks ourselves to ensure we meet the standards.

Ensuring our facilities meet the criteria for a clean and hygienic environment, including labs and storage.

Ensuring the procedures and instructions are written in a clear and comprehensible language.

Ensuring records are made during manufacture and quality control so that all the steps meet the guidelines. Any inconsistencies are investigated and recorded.

Trying our utmost best to improve our processes and adapt to the global environment.

Investing in quality to stay ahead in our sector and constantly meet the cGMP guidances.

We aim at developing novel and differentiating scientific solutions through innovative products which are designed to improve the quality of life.

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